"What's a Girl To Do?" by So Sensitive. Director: Chelsy Mitchell Director of Photography: Olivia Booker Color Grading: Olivia Booker Video Editor: Adam P.

Model / Corinne Piccolo

Stlying / Dobs Ny

hmua / Shannon Rodriguez

Video / Bryan m. Sargent

The talented Jacqueline Byers embodied the paranoid telephone psycho-logist named Bev who will never, ever let you get off the phone, even if it destroys her. ☎️

RED WEAPON collaboration with cinematographers Keziban Barry and Bob Burton.
Make Up | Shannon Rodriguez Artistry
Hair | Courtney Johnson
Set Design | Tilly Saunders
Assistant | Tyler Fields
Studio | Mighty Lucky
Music | Ryan Taubert via Musicbed
Mixed with Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho soundtrack.
Edited and colored by Bob Burton and Keziban

Video / Bill Dvorak

Styling / Kika Von Kluck
Model / Stella Trapsh @ Wilhelmina models
Makeup + Art Director / Shannon Rodriguez using LEMONHEAD.LA
Makeup Assistant / Kelly Mazzini
Hair / Mark Alan Esparza Jr.
Nails / Sonia Garcia

Time lapse of me recreating the cover of the book. Starts at 2:15 of the video.

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A short documentary film by Bill Dvorak and Apoorva Prabhakar

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro

Special thanks to:

Shannon Rodriguez
Luke Schneider
Olya Anikina
Jeffrey Hittner
CJ Sevilla